About Derrick

Derrick has been in the fitness and wellness industry for the last five years. Derrick’s formal education began in chemistry and biology, but evolved into excercise physiology and biomechanics leading into a career of personal training. Derrick recieved his first national certificate from the American College of Sports Medicine.

His search for knowledge knew there was more to training and came across the Chek Institute where he took an advanced course in “Corrective and High-Performance Exercise Kinesiology” and “Holistic Lifestyle Coaching.”

Derrick now works with clients of all different fitness levels, from post physical therapy to elite athletes, and all different age ranges, from the young teenager to the 93 year old wanting to improve thier posture, designing a customized program for each client based on their orthopedic profile, physiological load, metabolic type, and personal goals.

For a more detailed explanation of what Derrick does as a Chek Practitioner, please take a few minutes to watch the video:

Derrick’s vision is to provide complete care, combining conventional and holistic modalities, to instill in his clients a genuine appreciation for the relationship they have with, as well as the responsibility they have for, their own health.


  • BA Biology, UC Berkeley, 2006
  • Chek Practitioner level 3, 2012
  • Chek Holistic Lifestyle Coach level 2, 2012
  • Pilates Mat, Body Arts and Science International, 2007
  • Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, 2012

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