Derrick takes a multidisciplinary approach when working with clients. Everyone starts off with an orthopedic evaluation (2-3 hours) because,

“If you are not assessing, you are GUESSING.” 

His attention to detail with movement screening, correction and training eliminates a potential problem before it interferes with his programs. This informations gives Derrick a baseline to see where you are currently at, anticipates weakness, limitation and problems before they occur.

Posture Assessment

How is your posture?Proper postural alignment is the position from which the musculoskeletal system functions most efficiently. It ensures that the muscles of the body are optimally aligned at the proper length-tension relationships. This allows for effective absorbtion and distribution of forces through the kinetic chain, alleviating excess stress on joints

Flexibility and Range of Motion

Flexibility is the range of motion through a joint. All joints have an adequate range of motion that allow freedom of movement and yet tight enough to ensure joint stability

Derrick identifies joints that have inadequate range and develops a flexibility progam for those joints.


Core Stabilization and Integration

 Your core is divided into 2 functional units-the Inner and Outer Units. The inner units consists of 4 deep muscles that stiffen the spine, rib cage and pelvis allowing the head, arms and legs a stable foundation. After all,

“You can’t fire a cannon from a canoe”

The outer units consists of all other phasic muscles and are designed to help us move. These muscles are dependant upon the inner unit for joint stiffess and stability. Failure to integrate these 2 units often results in muscle imbalance, joint injury and poor performance.

Cardiovascular Endurance

Cardiovascular fitness is the ability of the heart, lungs and circulatory system to take up oxygen and transport it to working muscles where it can efficiently be utilized. This can be anywhere from keeping up with children to running a marathon.

These movement patterns are very cyclic and often develop into muscle imbalances, which in turn leads to a decrease in performance; this can be prevented.

Strength, Hypertrophy and Power

Hypertrophy training designed for individuals who have a goal of maximal muscle growth. Maximal Strength training is for clients who want to test thier limits and see how much weight one can lift in a single rep.



Power Training is set up for clients who need to work on thier movement speed. This is achieved by different forms of olympic lifting and plyometrics depending on personal goals.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

 With all the diet info out there, it can be very confusing what information to follow. Out are the days of counting calories and calorie restriction diests. For genetic reasons, we’re all very different in the way that our bodies process foods and utilize nutrients. Throughout man’s evolutionary history, people all over the world have been forced to adapt to widely varying environmental circumstances – including very different climates and food supplies. As an example, traditional Eskimos thrive on very large quantities of meat and fat, while people born in the tropics stay healthy eating fruits and grains and other light vegetarian fare. Switch these diets and the incidence of cancer, heart disease, or any other degenerative ailments start appearing. There is NO one diet fits all! Learn the ratio of carbs, fats and proteins that work for you!

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